“Raise your hands!  Raise your voice!” entreats Sr. Simone Campbell with the other nuns “on the bus” as they make their way across America rallying faith-filled advocates, immigrants and Catholic sisters who serve immigrant communities.   This 6,500-mile bus trip over 15 states is about commonsense immigration reform “now,” about legislation that preserves family unity and provides a path to citizenship for America’s 11 million undocumented immigrants. 


In addition to their face-to-face contacts on the road, the nuns are also doing something remarkably innovative; they are using social media to supplement their messaging.   You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and your cell phone.


I’m going to tell you how to text and tweet the nuns, but first let me explain why this is important.


First, we need to persuade our fellow Americans to support the pending legislation on immigration reform.   We need to be calling our legislators and participating in the process of amendments.   NETWORK’s “Nuns on the Bus” offers tools for those purposes.


Also, as Sr. Simone expressed it at our rally in Greenville, SC, these contacts across America are like a “string of Christmas lights.”    The nuns are helping us build a network of advocates as the bus winds it’s way across the continent.    Look at the route map of the bus trip at to see what I mean.   Now we have the amazing capability of connecting across those many miles through the magic of social media.


So, text NUNS to 877877, and you will be magically connected with the nuns.   You’ll get action alerts and have the opportunity to “raise your hands and raise your voice” digitally.


Then, tweet the nuns collectively at @NETWORKlobby or discover them individually by exploring the hashtag #nunsonthebus.    As their trip draws to a close, consider following news of a documentary about their travels at @NunsOnTheBusMovie.


All this fun for a critically important issue.   Let’s raise our collective voices for comprehensive immigration reform NOW!Image


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