Roberto Belen gives practical advice about immigration to church members. Estemos listos caso de que la ley SB1070 sea aprobada por SCOTUS.

Advocate and court reporter, Roberto Belen, spoke on 4/28/12  at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church in Batesburg, SC.     Addressing both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences, he gave practical advice to both groups in light of the news about immigration recently.   Of special concern is the Arizona law SB 1070 being challenged in federal court.    Please consider sharing these videos in your networks by e-mail and social media.


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  1. Sara, great idea to videotape in both languages. It is a shame that we are at this boiling point with so many issues and I applaud you standing up for immigrants. I am trying to link this permanantly to my blog since I am in an area with many immigrants. I like that he says essentially, do everything to NOT break the law…drive with a liscence and such. I hope it is helpful to many people.

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