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Roberto Belen gives practical advice about immigration to church members. Estemos listos caso de que la ley SB1070 sea aprobada por SCOTUS.

Advocate and court reporter, Roberto Belen, spoke on 4/28/12  at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church in Batesburg, SC.     Addressing both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences, he gave practical advice to both groups in light of the news about immigration recently.   Of special concern is the Arizona law SB 1070 being challenged in federal court.    …

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Here is a link to a one-minute video, promoting the Dream Act:    I found it on the YouTube page of bettyalexandra.    Please consider sharing widely.   Blessings,   Sara

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Immigration Calls for Immediate Congressional Action

Hello, friends and advocates.   I think I’ll start my blog with a link to a recent letter by Archbishop Timothy Dolan (on behalf of USCCB) to Speaker of the House John Boehner:    I intend for my blogs to be short (I’m busy!) and useful.   I think Cardinal Dolan’s letter includes some good talking points.   …

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